Day 81: In which my cold finally catches up to me

Miles Hiked: 0
Miles Left: 1513.8
Ending Location: Mile 671.5, VA 42, Some hotel in Roanoke, VA

The morning started out with a last minute Kroger run for supplies and then a trip into Daleville to stop by the outfitter there, pick up mail drops, and ship things home. It was Cinco de Mayo so we chose the only Mexican restaurant in town for lunch. While eating I started feeling sicker and sicker and it wasn’t from the food. It was at that point I had to confront the fact that it wasn’t allergies and general aches and pains I was dealing with and that my body wasn’t going to let me hike today. I apologized to everyone and said I was going to zero. Wiki, Lorax, and Owl decided to zero as well so we all said goodby to Studebaker and Foxy and dropped them off on the trail before returning our rental car and checking into another hotel. I then proceeded to sleep the day away while everyone else went to the Mall and then grabbed Chinese. It was exactly what I needed as I was beat. That pretty much sums up my day. The best part about being sick though was I got my own bed! After spending the last week sharing one, it was wonderful being able to stretch out. It’s the simple pleasures in life ;p


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