Day 80: Last Day Slackpacking

Miles Hiked: 7.4
Miles Left: 1513.8
Ending Location: Mile 671.5, VA 42, Comfort Suites Hotel, Blacksburg VA

The way the roads crossed the trail, today we had the choice of either hiking seven miles, or twenty two. Studebaker and Foxy choose the twenty two while the rest of us opted for the shorter day.

The hike was fairly unremarkable with the exception that it was a lot harder for me than it should have been. I was still in denial that I was sick but looking back on it I probably should have just taken a zero. At the last road crossing we were met by Wiki and Tog who had decided to zero and went food shopping instead. I’ll admit , I was a bit envious of them.

This was our last day slack packing so ending our day early was a bit of a godsend since I had so many chores to complete. There was laundry to do, I had to clean and stow my gear, there was bubble tea I had to drink. Well maybe the last one wasn’t exactly a chore but time really flew.

Stude finished up her hike much earlier than any of us expected, (only a couple hours after we finished our seven miles), so we all then headed out to the Cellar for one last town meal. Drinks may have been had. Back at the hotel room we all tried to get organized which was easier said than done after a couple of days of hotel living. None of us got to sleep before 1am so it was a late night.





2 thoughts on “Day 80: Last Day Slackpacking

  1. lizgotauco

    Great photos! The creature-bug one will only haunt my nightmares for a few years. Are the drawings in the notebook yours? You could probably write a great comic or graphic novel about this trip someday!


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