Day 117: An unsatisfying zero day is had

Miles Hiked: 1.9
Miles Left: 1040.3
Ending Location: Staying at the Stardust hotel, Duncannon PA, Mile 1145.0

After hiking 25 miles the day before I was ready for a relaxing zero day. The problem was, I didn’t want to spend it at the Doyle. Looking back at it, I should have sucked it up and stayed there, but I had visions of a proper hotel floating in my head.

The Stardust motel was a couple miles off the trail but in my guidebook it mentioned they would provide rides to and from it so I figured I’d give them a try. They picked up from the Pilot gas station on the edge of town so if you want to get technical I turned today into a Nero by hiking the two miles to it. Every little bit counts 🙂




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