Day 86: Zero day in Daleville

Miles Hiked: 0
Miles Left: 1461.3
Ending Location: Mile 724.0, Super 8 Motel in Daleville, VA

The night before Owl an I had both agreed we needed to zero in town as the last section was way rougher than we expected it to be. Waking up I remarked how glad I was that we made that decision. Owl replied, “Yeah just check our that rain”. I turned over, looked out the window and said “Now I’m really glad we zeroed!”

Like most zero days, time just flew by. Doing laundry in the morning, walking to Kroger to resupply, and sleeping through the afternoon pretty much summed up our day. I wish I was joking but there never is enough time to do everything. I did call my Mom though for Mothers Day which was the next day so I do have my priorities in order ;p

One thing Owl and I did spend a lot of time on was going over and cleaning/repairing our gear. We’re getting close to the 800 mile mark so everything is showing some wear. Simple things like washing the straps on our backpacks and then drying them with the hotel hair drier really make a difference. Side note, if you ever run a hotel, never rent out rooms to hikers!

That was basically our day. Tomorrow it’s back on the trail as we make our way to Glasgow. I’m really looking forward to that town as we have a mail drop with my new shoes arriving there.

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