Day Two

Miles Hiked: 7.9
Miles Left: 2177.2
Ending Location: Hawk Mountain Shelter

Let me start out by saying, waking up when it is freezing sucks, but boy do you wake up fast.

Once packed up B and I headed out for Hawk Shelter. We had remembered this hike as easy and enjoyable from our last time in Georgia, but that was without snow. There was only about two inches of it on the ground but it made things difficult. The hike itself was fairly uneventful. At the end though we were going at a grueling pace as we wanted to beat a group of people to the shelter. That turned out to be a good plan since as the day went on more and more people showed up.

We arrived around 3, but we were both done for the day and the next shelter was way too far away. Also tenting in the snow would be a pain. It is still surprising how much time getting set up takes. Between unpacking, (and trust me you have to unpack because whatever you need is at the bottom of your bag), blowing up your air mattress, etc, time flies.

Notable events included the brave mouse who one of the hikers tried to pick up until we reminded her that it was a wild animal, (the brave mouse is now deceased via way of the shoe). Also we had two dogs at camp, Moose, (who’s name was very appropriate). and one that didn’t have an owner who I started calling Buddy. I totally see now how people come home with a new pet. Buddy was a consummate moocher and a real pain so he slept under the shelter.

The first of many selfies20140218-203555.jpg

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