Day 97: In which an unexpected malady pops up

Miles Hiked: 11.2
Miles Left: 1346.6
Ending Location: Mile 839.2, Three Ridges Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Quality Inn, Waynesboro VA

I strongly considered taking another zero day today, but the next eleven mile section included the Three Peaks which represented the biggest sustained climb I’ll see until I hit Vermont. Now normally that would be even more reason to take a zero, but the chance to slack pack that section was too good of an opportunity to pass up. So after grabbing an iced frapachino from a local coffee place, Owl dropped me off at the trail.

The first half of the hike went great. I wasn’t exactly bounding up the mountain but I was feeling pretty good. Around the second half though my legs started breaking out all over in rashes. It was all I could do not to scratch them and I just felt horrible. I texted Owl and let him know I needed evac off that mountain ASAP. The original plan had been for everyone to go out to a local brewery but I was in no mood for drinking. In fact I was really scared. What the heck was going on with my body? Also with everyone leaving the next day, what should I do on my own?!

For the record Owl offered to stay behind as well but I let him know I’d be pissed at him if he passed up canoeing on my account. I can rent a car if need be or get a ride to a medical clinic on my own. I really appreciated the offer though.

That night was rough. My legs were on fire, I had Pizza Hut for dinner vs hanging out at the pub with my friends, and I had doubts on if I’d even be able to finish my through hike. In short I had a serious case of the Virginia Blues. To end this post on a high note thoug, as I’m writing this right now I’ve managed to hike over a hundred more miles and am in excellent health, so the blues do pass. But yeah it was a rough night.






Still not exactly sure what all this sign was trying to tell me, but I’m pretty sure if you enter this in your video game controller you get 50 extra lives in Contra20140529-225808-82688277.jpg

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