Day 68: Pizza at Partnership

Miles Hiked: 10.6
Miles Left: 1654.2
Ending Location: Partnership shelter

Today was a slow day. I slept in later than normal since, hey I didn’t make it in to camp till around midnight so I deserved it! Thunderstorms were predicted for later in the afternoon but I decided to hit the trail anyways and to stay aware of my surroundings in case the weather did turn nasty. The worst I had to deal with though was a constant misting of rain that would periodically turn into a light drizzle for a couple of minutes at a time. Still it was damp and hot so I was dragging. About three miles out I ran into a big contingent of hikers from the night before who were fed up with the rain and had made camp. They had a big bonfire going and it was tempting to join them but Partnership shelter was renowned for the fact that you can have pizza delivered and it had a shower. Those are great incentives to keep hiking!

Partnership shelter turned out to be pretty nice with a huge top section where several hikers had set up overlapping hammocks. Let me tell you, it was hilarious when in the middle of the night one of the guys on top tried to get out and ended up accidentally flipping his friend. Oh and the pizza…. Everyone ordered their own pie so we gorged ourselves on pepperoni slices all night long. The only downside was that the shower wasn’t open yet and you were not allowed to tent. All in all it was a good day which goes to show that pizza and a warm place to sleep can make just about any day good.


I was much more happy in this picture compared to a couple minutes later when I realized that all the food was gone20140425-175859.jpg





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