Day 57: Mt Rodgers

Miles Hiked: 12.2
Miles Left: 1689.9
Ending Location: Thomas Knob Shelter

Today marked two accomplishments. We summated Mount Rodgers which was the highest point in Virginia. We also entered the Grayson Highlands which have wild ponies running through them. I won’t lie in the fact that the second part was the one that interested me the most. Every pasture we hiked through I was looking for a pony to hug. Little did I know that the ponies don’t show up till past Thomas Knob Shelter.

Despite that it was still a good day. We all had lunch at buzzard rock which was appropriately named as all sorts of hawks and vultures were using the updraft to soar into the sky. Nearby there was an amazing water source which we used to rinse some of the salt and grime off ourselves. I split off from Owl at the end of the day to take the side trail to the top of Mt Rodgers. There’s no view at the top, just a cool stump surrounded by pines, but I wanted to check that peak off my bucket list. I later arrived at the shelter to find it filled by Boy Scouts. They offered to make space but I decided to camp instead. Camping was interesting since there was the possibility that we might be woken up by horses. Despite that the only horse I saw was way off in the distance and with the exception if the rain and a fairly strong wind it was an uneventful night





Highest point in Virginia!20140415-011121.jpg


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