Day 21: In which we take a wrong turn

Miles Hiked (of the AT): 11.6
Miles Left: 2020.6
Ending Location: Fontana Dam Lodge

I stayed in a tent but apparently it was an interesting night in the shelter. B had forgotten to bear bag his trash so he spent the night with mice jumping up and down on his sleeping bag trying to reach his pack. More perplexing was that Vegemite lost his underwear which he had stored at the bottom of his sleeping bag and it was found in Wiki’s stuff, two spots over. The jokes write themselves…

We were all eager to get into town which was made worse by the fact that we could see Fontana Dam off in the distance. It was a long day of hiking though, made longer by the fact that at one point we accidentally started following a forest road. If you look at the video below of us climbing through the trees, that was the filmed on the road and didn’t even count towards our AT mileage for the day! On the way back we bushwhacked around the trees which turned out to be even harder. So in short, we were all glad to see the main rest area and get picked up by the resort van for a ride back to the hotel.

After we checked in we made our way down to the Pit Stop, a combination gas station , restaurant, and bar. I never thought hot dogs could taste so good! Everyone else was there so we had a grand old time and ended up closing out the place, (it closes at five). Such is the life of an AT hiker.



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