Surviving Icepocolypse

Turns out being an AT through hiker prepares you for all sorts of situations…

Making our way to the Waffle House20140212-133428.jpg
So we’re iced in at the La Quinta but I’m referring to it as our first zero day. Beyond checking Facebook, writing emails and watching American Pickers on the History channel both B and I are going fairly stir crazy. The highlight so far has been our excursion to Waffle House which has remained open, (the news service referred to them as honorary emergency workers). I certainly would rate them as such, and we had a really enjoyable lunch of chill and a grilled cheese sandwich.

Talking to our shuttle driver, Survivor Dave, it looks like we will have to take another zero day tomorrow. At this point with the sleet stopped the main issue is the road and not the trail. Here’s hoping things clear up before then.

Edit: The crackle of freezing rain outside our window does not bode well for us starting tomorrow.

1 thought on “Surviving Icepocolypse

  1. Theresa

    My God, man! None the worst case scenarios that have been haunting me could have prepared me for this! A Waffle House?! All the way on the other side of the street?! This is agonizing! I cannot watch!


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