One week to go (okay more like five days)

Things are starting to get real. Next Tuesday at 11am I’ll be on a flight to Georgia. My to-do list is still ginormous but slowly shrinking, and I’m now technically homeless as I moved out of my place and put all of my stuff into storage last weekend.

Some random thoughts:
* I now know why so many people drop out of doing the trail right before going on it. The last two weeks have been brutal. One piece of advice I have is tell everyone you’re hiking the AT so there’s no way you can back out of it. Trust me, no matter how excited you are you’ll have second thoughts

* Get all of your hiking stuff out of the apartment before you move. The movers packed my hiking boots and I was about in tears when I found out. I wish I was exaggerating.

* I’m very glad the actual day my lease is up is after my last day of work. That will make taxes next year much easier. You laugh about this but after finishing my taxes, (certainly not going to be able to do that on the trail), things like that are fresh on my mind. Also WTF Massachusetts?! You don’t accept electronic taxes till mid February?! It’s not like this doesn’t happen every year

* I’m having to accept the fact that a lot of things I wanted to have done, will not get done.

* Make sure you focus on the important things

The important things

The important thingsliz_snow_angel_2

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