First Post!

Might as well start out with a joke:

An AT hiker was running along one day when he came to a river in Maine. Seeing another hiker on the other bank, he called out, ‘Hey, how do I get to the other side?’

The other hiker looked carefully along the bank to the left, then carefully along the bank to the right, thought a bit, then called back, ‘You are on the other side.’

I may be stretching the analogy a bit too far, but this blog is all about perspective. I started it because I want to take the time to think about where I’m going and be able to look back at where I’ve been. While the focus is ostensibly about hiking, a major reason I’m writing it is that I want to get back into the simple act of blogging. I used to have a research blog but I had to give up for work, (you can still see my old posts at, and Facebook really doesn’t cut it. So basically this is my journal. Now that the mission statement is out of the way, how about my bio?

Name: Matt Weir

Trail Name: Haven’t earned one yet

Age: 34

Planned Hiking: NOBO through hike of the Appalachian trail starting Feb 2014

Occupation: Computer Security Researcher, (soon to be unemployed)

State of Origin: Little shady… Will claim Hawaii,  Massachusetts, Virginia, and Florida while denying Maryland. Soon to be homeless.

Reason for hiking the AT: That’ll have to be saved for another post.

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